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Artist on the Rise in September 2013
     You might think that this artist is a newcomer to the music biz, but you'd be wrong.  

Here's my story.  

     Two years ago on Labor Day weekend, I was at a church festival playing Bingo with my mother.  I heard some Country & Western music playing outside, but what struck me was that I could have sworn I was listening to Dwight Yoakam.  No joke!  So I get mama to play my cards and head outside to see who it was. 

     I see this thin, pale looking man in hundred degree weather (I'm in Texas) looking and sounding sharp.  He sang some Elvis, some Cash, and songs from his latest EP entitled "Lasso".  Equipped with a fiddle player, lead guitar, drummer, and bass player, they were quite the act.  
     Fast forward to today and I have become a great supporter of his music and a life-long fan.  

     I have had the pleasure of now working with Jeffrey.  I DJ and MC for his local performances here in Lytle.  Getting to know him on a different level from a spectator to a friend, this is what I have learned.  

     Jeffrey Charles is a San Antonio native.  Music had always been a part of his life.  He was raised in a loving family that filled their home (and Jeffrey's childhood memories) with music.   His first instrument wasn't a guitar... but a trumpet.  His mother, a classically trained singer, sang for the church choir and played the piano, and his father played the drums.  Together they inspired Jeffrey's love for music.

     Years later, stationed in South Carolina as an active member of the United States Air Force, Jeffrey decided a hobby was needed.. .and so he chose to learn the guitar and eventually became the lead singer for a cover band he put together called "Black River".  Although short lived, it eventually pushed him to begin songwriting. 
     Music became an outlet and gave him and his fellow soldiers a chance to forget their struggles with good music and good times.  When he was stationed  in Ali Al Saleem AFB, he shared his music for the first time with a song that he wrote called Ali Ali Al Saleem.  (You can find this song on the "LASSO" EP)  It was an instant hit with the soldiers and eventually pushed his musical career even further within the military and now in the mainstream.

     He's currently in the Texaco Country Showdown and has won the first round for the South Texas area, taking first place at last month's competition.  The  next competition (the South Texas Finals) were held in Rockport, Texas at the Rockport Seafair October 13, 2013.  They rocked the place and it was surprising to hear they did not advance.

     Regardless of that outcome, Jeffrey Charles is still going strong and putting out a great show.

     On a personal note, this picture here was sent to me by my sister.  She had been invited to a church along with my mother.  She had never been to this church, but she told me that she heard singing and went to find out where it was coming from and who it was.  
     She said she thought it was Jeffrey, but had to be sure.  It was him.  He told her that every time he writes a song and finds a melody, he sings it in church before performing it on stage, as a way of thanking God for his gift.  
     I don't know about you, but this speaks volumes about the kind of person he is.  Find his music, watch him live if you have the chance, I know you will be glad you did.

     You can listen to his EP "Lasso" and get his event schedule on this website: 

Teresa V. Martinez
DJ Rockin' Reece 

Here are some pics of Jeffrey and the boys!

Jeffrey Charles performing at the South Side Bar & Grill

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